Yauatcha: an auspicious Dim Sum 

Since their open in 2004, I've been dinning here regularly. I even come by myself.

My loyalty to Yauatcha is simply consolidated by their promising taste, great service and the stylish and vibrant ambiance. Unlike others, any dish of Yauatcha never smells MSG. 

As the result, they've been taking a star of Michelin for a decade.

Usually I order from Dim Sum such as, Shanghigh Xiaolongbao, Chinese Chive Dumpling, Three Style Mushrooms Chow Fun, Vegetable Congee and Soft Shell Crab with Chilli and Nuts. When I'm alone, I get  Xiaolongbao and Congee then instantly gain a happy and uplifted mind. 

They offer ranges of cocktail. They are very nice but expensive. 
Instead, beer or selection of tea works brilliantly with their tasty menu.
Wouldn't recommend the beautiful sweets that glamorously showcased in front of the entrance. 

Cost: 20-35 pounds for lunch