Miso-Mayo Mackerel Sandwich (Leftover cooking from Miso Mackerel), Melrose and Morgan Hampstead, Balthazar Bread

The best season for mackerel has started!!
We had a beautiful Miso-Mackerel and the cabbage salad from previous dinner and decided to recycle them for our Sunday brunch.

The rich mackerel with sweet miso, cabbage and mayonnaise is very tasty and luxurious combination on bread.

Once you have this, you won't be able to enjoy a tuna-mayo sandwich any more.


Add some mayonnaise into the cabbage salad or shredded cabbage and mix well. Put cabbage and mackerel over the bread. 

Direction of Miso Mackerel: 

Direction of Cabbage salad:


Alternatively, ready made coleslaw and smoked mackerel can be used. Add 1/2 tablespoon of sugar into 1 table spoon of miso and apply it over the smoked mackerel. 
80p offered in Waitrose

2.40 Pounds offered in Waitrose

 A gorgeous bread made the taste perfect. It's from the stylish deli, Melrose and Morgan Hampstead
They offer the bread from Balthazar London (originated in NY).
Their selection of soups and deli food are also very good!!

We used to enjoy bread from PAUL and GAIL'S until when we encountered the Balthazar's!

Total Cost: 7.75 pounds (1.3 for a papaya, 0.7 for mackerel and cabbage salad ingredients, and 1.5 for the bread and 4.75 for Butter Squash and Marjoram soup from Melrose and Morgan)
Total time to prepare: 5 mins

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