Deep-fried Wedges of Jerusalem Artichoke

Happy New Year for 2014!! 
Sorry for the slow update as we were in Japan until last week. 
Before introducing the Japanese things, let me do the one that we had last year.

We had the lamb from Ginger Pig as promising!! 
The special thing was the side dish, deep fried Jerusalem Artichoke!! 
Jerusalem Artichoke 


  • Some pieces of Jerusalem Artichokes
  • Vegetable oil
  • Sea salt


1. Cut Jerusalem Artichokes into wedges.

2. Pour vegetable oil into a large frying pan for 1cm depth and heat up in low temperature for 3-4 mints. Once the pan is ready, put the pieces of Jerusalem Artichoke to deepfry for 4-5 mints in medium temperature.

3. Once the pieces of artichoke became tender and turn into gold, put them on the kitchen paper to drain the extra oil. 

4. Serve them with pinches of salt and black pepper.

Total cost: around 2 pounds for 8-10 pieces of wonderful Jerusalem Artichoke
Total time to prepare: around 10 mins

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