Deepfried Brussels Sprouts: a perfect party nibble and a great collagen charge

Crispy-slightly bitter outside and sweet-moist inside, deepfrieng the seasonal Brussels Sprouts is a promising party nibble!

This is referred from a leading Japanese monthly food magazine "Kyo-no-Ryori, December".


  • Brussels sprouts 
  • Vegetable oil
  • Salt and black pepper
  • (I also add some tomatos)


1. Make a small cross line with a knife on the bottom of each sprout

2. Fill vegetable oil in a small frying pan into 1cm depth. Heat up the pan with small flame and add the sprouts to deepfry

3. Occasionally turn each sprout into other side and keep frying for about 8-10 mints

4. Place sprouts over a paper to remove extra oil

5. Top salt and black pepper to serve.

Time to prepare: 20mins
Cost: 0.4 pounds

We had this deepfried sprouts with chicken wings and a salad. 
The vitamin C from sprouts boosts the intake of collagen from chicken wings. Vital menu in the dry weather!!

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