Men-tsuyu (Soy based Noodle Soup)

As I reiterate elsewhere, the fresh and subtle flavour of dashi (Japanese soup stock) is essential in Japanese dishes. Noodle soup known as "Men-tsuyu"  is not the exception ("men" refers noodles and "tsuyu" does soup). People often use ready made noodle soup as reasonably offered in Japanese market. Meanwhile, my Japanese family makes men-tsuyu at home. Of course so do I in London. I appreciate this methodology that attains the elegant flavour like the one served in exclusive traditional Japanese restaurants. 
In addition, home made mentsuyu is  economical compare to the one sold in Japanese food market in London.

A ready made men-tsuyu flavoured with dried bonito flakes offered in Japanese food shops

Ingredients of 200cc of men-tsuyu

  • 150cc of Soy Sauce
  • 50cc of Mirin
  • 50cc of Sake
  • A handful of Dried Bonito Flakes


1. Boil soy sauce, mirin and sake gently in a pan for 2-3 minutes and add dried bonito flakes. Turn the heat off.
 2. Filter the bonito through a net and store the men-tsuyu in a clean container with a lid.
3. Keep the men-tsuyu in fridge and consume it within a month. The bonito flakes also can be used to top on rice or in the onigiri (rice balls).

For preparing noodle soup, just cut this men-tsuyu with water or add some dashi. 
As it doesn't contain any chemicals, the flavour of bonito is very fresh and powerful but still elegant.

Total cost: around 1.5 pound
Time to prepare: 5 minutes

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