Bond, James Bond, beetroot, pasta, etc.

We watched the latest Bond, "Skyfall" at Everyman Cinema in Hampstead. 
A cool Bond sign appeared in the entrance.

I totally loved this Bond film, especially the evil man as well as Bond himself.
Bond girl was also very sexy 
but she died too soon, I thought. 

I personally love From Russia with Love and the Bond Girl, Daniela Bianchi.

By the way, If I say Russia, always think about beetroot. 
Mr. Husband's mom made very nice salad with it when I visited her in Moscow.

I made deli style beetroot salad to go with Bottarga (karasumi) Spaghetti

Cooked beet root and beans were soaked in a dressing (olive oil, cider vinegar, mustard, salt, and grated garlic) then combined with other veggies (cucumber, tomato and parsley).

With beetroot, I also made pink, heart-shaped ravioli named as 
"Loveoli: From Russia with Love".

Directions can be seen in

Bond, pasta, beetroot make us happy.

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