Dinner invitation: potato & halloumi soup, steak, chocolate fondant

We were invited to dinner helt by a beautiful and young, Karolina and Tom.

Since they have a nice, spacious open kitchen, I could observe the cooking process. 
I was so impressed by their team work! 
It was like a theatre performance as the movements of both were smoothly collaborative. 
I wish Mr. Husband and I were like that at our kitchen.

They started with a fresh amuse of avocado dip. I learnt that this is one of the best ways to enjoy the taste and the texture of avocado.

The first course was potato, leek and mint soup from Jamie Oliver's recipe topped with halloumi cheese and crouton.


Being a big fan of potato and halloumi, 
Mr. Husband fell love with this soup.
He nearly married to the chef, Tom.

The second was nice lean Angus beef steak.
I truly liked the sauce made with sour cream, mustard and the gravy.
The hint of fresh spring onion on the top works well with the sauce.
This encouraged me to try cream sauce for our next steak dinner.

I really liked the dessert, fondant chocolat. 
I think this has beaten the one that I had at the Fortnum & Mason, chocolate master class.
The ratio of the thin crispy surface, the sponge and the chocolate melt in the middle were perfect!!
I also could tell the high quality of chocolate itself. 

It was heaven that such a lovely couple served me (a housewife who is ever the one serving meals) delicious dishes in a homely, cosy atmosphere.
This is a real hospitality and cannot be experienced at any restaurants.

Thank you so much Karolina and Tom!!
We enjoyed everything!!

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