Easy way to remove seeds from tomato: Anchovy tomato spaghetti

Anchovy Tomato Spaghetti was once introduced in this blog. I confessed the pain to remove out seeds from canned tomatoes.  

Mr. Husband's boss who read my blog kindly suggested Mr. Husband to buy Food Mill from OXO for me.
As following boss's suggestion, Mr. Husband brought this from his business trip to New York. 

Given the opportunity to make anchovy tomato spaghetti, I tried this!

I set a medium dense disk in the bottom of the mill and placed the food mill over a bowl. Then I put some tomatoes in the mill. 

Lets' see how it works... 
Wow, amazing!!  
Lots of seeds remain in the disk!!
Then the beautiful seeds-less tomato appeared in the bowl!
I sotred half portion of seeds-less tomato puree in freezer.
With the puree, I made anchovy tomato sauce. This time I add a tablespoon of balsamic glaze. It enhanced the sweetness of tomatoes while created some depth of flavour in the sauce. Also, it moderated the fishy smell of anchovy. 
I have been making this anchovy tomato spaghetti for several years. I thought the way will be the same forever. However, this time, I could improve a lot!! 

Thank you so much Dr. W (Mr. Husband's former boss) for suggesting the food mill from OXO!

I will explore more ways of using it!

Total time to prepare: 30 mins
Total cost: 1.6 pounds (0.7 for pasta, 0.5 for all veggies, 0.4 for anchovy)

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