Cabbage, anchovy and Umeboshi (sour plum) capellini (dinner on 7 Sep)

Cabbage is rich in various kinds of vitamins. Especially it contains Vitamin U that supports to develop mucosa. Umeboshi, sour plum is nice resource for citric acid that helps antioxidation and detox. 

To gain (more) beauty and health, I made pasta with cabbage, anchovy and Umeboshi (sour plum). 

I also made salad with balsamic-pork. A tiny portion of meat in salad supports to digest vegetables and absorb the nutritions from them.

Cabbage, anchovy and Umeboshi (sour plum) capellini

Ingredients (for two)

  • 200g of capellini or spaghetti
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • 4 pieces of oiled anchovies
  • 4-5 large leaves of cabbage
  • 1 Umeboshi
  • 3 tablespoons of olive oil
  • black pepper


1. Boil 3-4L of water in a large deep pan. Cook cabbage leaves for 30-40 seconds. Take them aside till they get cool
2.  Cut cabbage into roughly 2cm square. Chop garlic and anchovies into small pieces. Take out the stone from umeboshi and beat it with knife till becomes a paste

3. Heat a large frying pan at medium temperature, fry garlic pieces with olive oil for 1-2 mins. Turn off the heat and add all other ingredients (except pasta)
4. Add salt into the deep pan and boil pasta for 1mint and 15 seconds

5. Load pasta into the frying pan as well as 1 ladle-scoop of boiling water in the deep pan. Mix everything well to serve.

The crunchy texture of cabbage well communicates with pasta. The sharp flavour of anchovy is somewhat moderated by the fresh-acidity of Umeboshi and sweet taste of cabbage

This is very tasty, economical, nutritious!!

Time to prepare: 20 mins
Total cost: 2.6 pounds (60p for pasta, 2 for the veggies and pork)

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