Collagen Charge: Rice Porridge from Chicken wings' stock

Dinner on 5 Sep: Chicken wings, Broad beans and shrimp with sesame-tofu dressing, rice and miso soup

As introduced before, Broad beans and shrimp with sesame-tofu dressing is very rich and elegant side dish.
Blend tofu, sesame paste (tahini), soy sauce and sugar and then mix it with boiled shrimp and broad beans.
(Photo from 23 July)
Chicken wings are the source of collagen as I advertise every time. We use our hands to devour the piece into the joints therefore a finger bowl with a paper towel are essential item. Unromantic but very yummy.

This time I introduce another dish to enjoy chicken stock, 
Rice Porridge. 

After boiling chicken wings, the stock is strained through a net.

Direction of Rice Porridge with chicken stock (for 1 person)

1. Add 1 cup of cooked rice and 2 cups of chicken stock into a pan
2. Bring it into boil at high temperature
3. turn the heat at low temperature, bring it gently boil for 10-15 mins to make rice gruel down to a paste
4. Add grated ginger, sesame oil (1 teaspoon each), salt (1/4 teaspoon), black pepper
5. serve it with thin sliced spring onion and Chinese pickles (if available).
Rice porridge is very mild and easy to digest. It is common in China to have rice porridge for breakfast. Personally, I love to have rice porridge with chicken stock for breakfast when I got a hangover. 

Total time to prepare: 1 hour (Dinner), 20 mins for rice porridge
Total cost: 5.73 pounds (4.23 for 8 pieces of chicken wings, 1 for shrimp, 0.5 for other veggies) 

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  1. When making chicken stock, sometimes I add some nira as well. Depends on what I'm using the stock for. The nira gives the stock a very slight garlic flavor that's not overpowering at all.