Tempura Rice, geeking out (Brunch, 2 Sep)

Got some leftover from yesterday's tempura. Seasoning tempura with soy-based sauce and topping it on the rice is a typical dish of next day of tempura, known as "ten-don".

Directions of tendon

Add 100cc of dashi (Japanese soup stock), mirin and soy sauce (1 tablespoon each) in a small shallow pan. Once it boiled add tempura and keep boiling for 1-2mins. Top tempura with remained sauce on warm rice in a bowl to serve.

I also made miso soup with chinese chive and egg. 
Boil 400cc soup stock, dissolve 1.5 tablespoons of miso, bring it into boil then add chopped chinese chive and beaten egg.

Mr. Husband is celebrating his final day of holiday with his favourite computer game and ten-don. 

Timte to prepare: 10 mins
Total cost: ?? very cheap

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