Baby Bento Archive (22-24 April) and recipe

22 April

  • Rice with soysauce seasoned dried bonito and seaweed paper
  • Teriyaki salmon with grilled mayonnaise
  • Tofu with corn, shiitake and spring onion, miso sauce
  • Avocado

23 April

  • Curry and salmon stir fried rice
  • sausage, carrot, peas, cauliflower satue with butter
  • avocado and cucumber miso-mayo
  • Sugar coated popped rice


The teriyaki salmon (top left in foil) and rice are the leftover from previous dinner 


Rice, salmon, chopped spring onion and tomato are stirfried with 1 table spoonful of curry sauce.

Diced avocado and cucumber are dressed with mayonnaise and miso.

24 April 

  • Rice with dried sour plum leaves
  • Ginger pork with carrot and parsley 
  • Hash potato with sea weed
  • Avocado with soy-mayo sauce

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