Baby Bento Recipe (8 April): Bihon and potato and cheese bun 

I slept over and had only15 minutes to prepare bento this morning.
Luckily potato and cheese bun with carrot and spinach (Right) was made previous night. 
The recipe was introduced here:

I opened the fridge and found chopped veggies (carrot, shiitake and spring onion), egg, minced beed seasoned with soy sauce and sugar. Even didn't have rice to stir fry. So I boiled water and soaked some amount of rice noodles (bihon) with it for 1 mint.

1. Stir fry the beaten egg. once it is done, set it aside.

2. Add the rest of contents to stir fry. Season the bihon with 1/4 teaspoon of soy sauce, oyster sauce and mirin. Add the egg and mix well to serve. Instead for the seasoned meat, thinly sliced polk or any meat will go with this recipe. Just Fry it with other veggies.

Time to prepare: 10 mints

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