Collagen Charge with Salmon 1

It's getting cold and dry. Bad weather for our skin health.  
A wrinkled face photo of Sarah Jessica Parker is offered to show the retouch technique in Free
In fact, she is still very attractive with wrinkles. 
It is only because she is Sara Jessica Parker!!

As being ordinary, I need to take more collagen and vitamin C, the best combination to prevent getting wrinkled, from our daily food! 

As I introduced, chicken wings and the soup made from the chicken wing stock are my regular way to charge collagen.
Dinner on 7 October:

Chicken wings, hot and sour soup made of chicken wings stock and chilli oil, salad, rice

This time, I introduce another beauty food, SALMON!!
Salmon has gained a reputation to be a wonderful food to maintain our physical and mental health as well as our skin beauty. 
It is rich in Vitamin A, B, D, E and it also contains high amount of astaxantin that is effective to anti-oxidisation (a detailed information can be seen here)
Near the skin, DHA (omega-3 fatty acid) and EPA can be gained. 
Importantly, the skin got high amount of COLLAGEN!!

Salmon can be the very retouch method!!

8 October: salmon belly and cabbage 

Got salmon belly pieces in 1.9 pounds in Japan Centre. According to the shop seller, they get very fresh pieces from the restaurant Toku run by the same owner that locates next to them.
Small pieces of salmon were grilled in oven temperatured at 250C for 5 mins. 
They were topped with chopped shiso leave and dressed with soy sauce to serve.

 I also made cabbage salad. Cabbage provides high amount of Vitamin C. With 3-4 large leaves of cabbage, you can get the essential amount of vitamin C of the day. It also rich in Vitamin U that helps to restore mucosal membrane. 

The combination of salmon and cabbage is wonderful meal for our skin beauty!!

Salmon belly, cabbage salad, ox tongue with sesame oil and lemon, miso soup with fried tofu and spinach, rice

Total time to prepare: 40 mins
Total coat: 3.5 pounds (0.3 for salmon, 1.5 for ox tongue, 0.7 for deep fried tofu, 1 for the rest of veggies)

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