Japanese convenient retort-pouched curry with leftover -A Japanese Housewife's secret pleasure 

Retort-pouched curry appeared at Japanese dinning in 1968. Since then, this type of curry product has been the most popular quick home meal. In present, more than 30 different items of retort-pouched curry are sold in Japanese market. As being very competitive in the market, most products are tasty!

Just boiling the pouch in water and power over cooked rice or microwave it with rice, it is very convenient. As Mr. Husband was away for his team dinner, I decided to be lazy for cooking!!

Japanese food retailer Ricewine offered the longest edition, "Bon Curry Gold" in 2.99 (usually 3.99). I used the leftover from yesterday and added to Bon Curry Gold.

 I also added some double cream stored in the freezer.

Mmmmmmm, yummy, yummy.... 

I don't use retort curry products for more than two people unless I am too tired or sick because they are not cheap here, in the UK.
If Mr. Husband were here, I would make curry properly.

This is one of my "secret" pleasures while he is away. Being lazy but still not fully ready-made neither expensive at all, therefore I don't feel guilty for my health and the price. Such relaxed feeling maximises the great taste!

I need to underline one thing. These products are much cheaper in Japan. So please do not think that Japanese housewives' pleasure is having retort-pouched curry in their husbands' absence. 

I guess any housewives got some entertainments or dishes to enjoy at home only when their husbands are away. 

Total time to prepare: 3 mins
Total cost: 2.99

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