Juicy Tonkatsu Bite                                      

Men love tonkatsu. I understand the excitement that the juice of pork comes out from the crispy deep fried crumbs when you bite it.

As Mr. Husband strongly requested tonkatsu for dinner with enormous expectations, I got  nice pork loin pieces from Hampstead Butcher.


In Japan, we serve tonkatsu with shredded cabbage topped with tonkatsu sauce. In tonkatsu restaurants, they usually have a big basket of shredded cabbage so that customers can get extra cabbage for their tonkatsu. Please visit their website of Tonkatsu Wako, one of the largest tonkatsu restaurants in Japan.

I followed the Japanese tonkatsu culture as presented here.


Pork Loin (400-500g)
salt and black pepper
flour to dust the pork
1 egg
bread crumbs 1 cup
vegetable oil 600cc
Large leaves of pointed cabbage (5-6)
Tonkatsu sauce (or you can mix HP Sauce with soy and ketchup)


1. Slice pork in large bite sized. Make thin lines over the surface to make the thickness of the piece even. Sprinkle pinches of salt and black pepper. Leave them for 10 mins

Extra portions were stored in freezer

2. Wash cabbage leaves in water and drain
I stored roughly cut cabbage to freeze in a bag.
Frozen veggies are nice for stir fry and pickle.
Since the fibre is broken through freezing,
they get easier to be seasoned!!

Pile leaves and cut into quarterly. Roll the portion and slice from the edge in the way shown in the video below. If you are too scared to do this, please use a slicer.

3. Dust the pork pieces with flours. Prepare beaten egg in a bowl and bread crumbs in a tray

4. Dress each pork piece with the order of egg
and bread crumbs

5. Heat up vegetable oil in a middle depth pan over medium temperature. If you put a wooden stick into the pan and bubbles come out from the bottom, it's a sign that the oil is ready

6. Deep fry pork pieces for 2-3 mins in both sides

7. Serve tonkatsu with cabbage and some veggies (as tomatoes) topped with tonkatsu sauce.

Direction of disposing used oil

As I repeat elsewhere, I use juice packs to dispose used oil.

When the oil gets cool, open the top the pack and pour the oil in it. Better to do it in a sink
I also used a small portion of bread crumbs left from tonkastu. 
Dust the pan with crumbs to absorb the oil
I often make pieces of cloth for wipe from the worn out t-shirts. 
Wipe the pan to clean with it.
Put the cloth and the crumbs into the juice pack. Fold the mouth of the pack to close and bind it with rubber band. Dispose the pack in a plastic bag.

Total time to prepare: 30 mins
Total cost: 6 pounds (5 for pork loin, 1 for the rest of veggies)

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