Leftover remake cooking: Croquette from Japanese style yam potato (Nishime)          

Got a tiny portion of nishime left from previous dinner. 
Portion is too small for two people.  

Small portion of Nishime.
What to do with this??

Here is today's menu.
Can you recognise where is Nishime used?

The answer is here. 
Nishime became croquette. 
In fact, Mr. Husband didn't realise it at all.

Direction of Nishime croqette

1. Chop Nishime into pieces and put into a bowl. Mash the yam potato into rough paste. Add chopped asparagus and combine all together
2. Make large bite sized, round flat shape with yam potato dough. Dust each piece with flour and dress with beaten egg and finally with bread crumbs. Please refer the direction of Potato croquette
3. Heat up a small frying pan filled with vegetable oil into 1cm depth. Deepfry yam potato pieces. Top with sauce (HB sauce or the sauce combined with ketchup and soy sauce) to serve.

We also had Juicy chicken breast with sesame sauce served with cucumber, mini tomatoes and spring onion.

I got a pack of  Korean spicy beef soup called Yukgaejang. 
I love Yukgaejang and I always order it in Korean restaurants.
This freeze-dry pack provide fresh spicy Yukgaejang with lots of root veggies. 

In this soup, I added sliced Iceberg Lettuce and some sprig onions. I don't think korean people put lettuce into Yukgaejang. However, the hot soup and the crispy texture of lettuce matched well.

I think croquette recipe can be applicable to the leftover of curry wit potato, or, of course mash potato. Truly enjoyable and economical dish. 

Time to prepare: 40 mins
Total cost: 4.35 pounds (2.65 for Yukgaejang, 0.7 for chicken breast, 1 for rest of veggies and rice)

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