Collagen Charge with Salmon 2 (Salmon skin sushi roll)

We had teriyaki salmon on 12 October. Teriyaki salmon features the flavourful sauce made of soy-sauce and mirin dressed over the salmon piece. The skin should be removed before seasoning salmon so that the teriyaki sauce covers the flesh thoroughly. I always store skin pieces in freezer whenever I prepare teriyaki salmon. 
Salmon skin is a great resource of collagen!!
Cannot be waisted!!
Teriyaki salmon, Nishime (Japanese style yam potato), tomato and asparagus salad, miso soup with tofu and spinach, rice

I introduce "salmon skin sushi roll" served in next day. 

Ingredients of salmon skin sushi roll

  • 2-3 pieces of salmon skin 
  • Soy sauce 1 tablespoon
  • Cooked rice 1.5 cups
  • Cider vinegar 1.5 tablespoons
  • Sugar 1.5 tablespoons
  • Salt 1/2 teaspoon
  • 1/2 sized black seaweed paper 3 pieces 
  • Shiso leaves 5-6 pieces (if available)
  • Umeboshi 1 


1. place a grease proof paper on a oven tray. Heat up the oven over 250C and place salmon pieces on the tray. Grill them for 3-4 mins. Turn over the skin pieces to the other side and grill another for 1 min until they become crispy.
2. Take the skin pieces out from the oven. Dress soy sauce over them
3. Combine salt, sugar and vinegar. Microwave the rice placed in a heat resist container for 1.5 mins.
4. Pour the vinegar over the hot rice. Combine well until the moisture of vinegar disappears.
5. Place a sheet of seaweed black paper on a Makisu (a sushi roll utensil sold in Japanese food shop). Spread a scoop of vinegar-ed rice evenly over the black paper 
6. place pieces of shiso leaves and crushed umeboshi near through the front edge lengthwise. 
7. Start to roll up fro the front edge. Put some pressure over the makisu evenly to make the sushi roll tightly done.

8. Cut the roll pieces into 6 to serve.

I also made cream soup with broccoli cabbage and frankfurt sausage. Broccoli, especially in the stem part contains high amount of vitamin. 

Salmon skin sushi roll and cream soup with broccoli is a great beauty combination and also so tasty. 

The crispy part of salmon nicely matches with fresh vinegar-ed rice and the flavour of seaweed paper. 

I gained more beauty in this yummy dish, I believe. 

Time to prepare: 30 mins
Total cost: 0.5 pounds (0.5 for sausage, all other ingredients are free since they are leftovers)


  1. I discovered your blog through the lego bento box - what a beautiful bento for your husband! He is very lucky to have a wife that takes such care with his lunches! I look forward to reading more of your lovely looking recipes and perhaps trying some myself!


  2. Thank you for your sweet words and thank you for reading my blog.
    Making food look nice or funny is an entertainment of my food life where the taste, cost performance and balance of nutrition are oriented mainly.
    Lego bento is an extreme example to entertain myself (though, in fact, I said "to entertain Mr. husband" in the article).
    Hope you enjoy some of my recipes.
    I'll do my best to be clearer in my words. (sorry for my bad English)