Phytochemical Charge from Veggie Peels

The positive effects of phytochemical to our health though the intake of vegetables is introduced here:

However, preparing meals with varieties of veggies is not always easy especially when we are busy or sick.

To gain rich amount of phytochemical easily, I often make a broth by using peels of veggies. 

Root and outer skin of veggies are often removed and disposed. However these part of veggies contain higher amount of phytochemical as they are to protect the inside (Orangepage, February 2014, P. 121).

Direction of veggie broth

1. Wash veggies well before preparing them. Save peels and roots of veggies and store in a reclosable bag to keep in the fridge. 

Ex: Skin and root of garlic, round onion, ginger, outer leaves of cabbage, peels of potato and carrot, the bottom of mushrooms, the hard part of spring onion.

Better to avoid broccoli and cauliflower as they make the broth bitter.

2. Put the peels and roots in a deep pan and fill with cold water. Heat the pan over small temperature and gently cook for 20-30 mints.

3.  Filter the broth with a dense net with a gauze or paper towel.

4. Store in the fridge and consume in 3days. 

This broth is very nutritious, economical, ecological and importantly, very tasty attained through the layers of flavour and taste from various veggies. 
Can be used any types of soup.
A soup with sausage and veggies with the broth

I intend to make this broth whenever my family gets sick. 

Phytochemical soup for the fast recovery from sickness


Time to prepare: 30 mints
Total cost: 0

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