Toddler Bento Archive+ (Sometime 21-30 May)

  • Panda Rice with sour plum cheek
  • Grilled teriyaki salmon with dill
  • Potato, asparagus and halloumi cheese butter and soy sauce saute
  • Cherry tomatoes

  • Salmon was soaked with soy sauce and mirin over night.
  • It was topped with mayonnaise for grilling  to attain rich taste.

  • Rice with sour plum
  • Hash Potato with seaweed powder
  • Spinach, Carrot, asparagus and sausage saute with butter and soy sauce
  • Halloumi cheese and cucumber

  • Panda rice with Sour plum cheek
  • Hash potato with Sea weed powder
  • Cucumber Salad
  • Home Made Chicken Ham
  • Spinach, Carrot and Asparagus saute with Butter and Soy sauce

  • Hamburger with Tomato and Red Wine Sauce
  • Rice with Sour Plum
  • Spinach Saute
  • Potato and Carrot saute with Fresh Tomato and Dill 
  • Cucumber and Halloumi Cheese Salad

Similar ingredients for Mr. husband's bento.

  • Curry and Broad Beans Rice with Fresh Tomato
  • Teriyaki Salmomn
  • Carrot, spinach and avocado saute
  • Cucumber and Halloumi Cheese Salad

  • Rice with Crushed Dried Sour Plum Leaf
  • Karaage-Japanese Chicken Deepfry
  • Potato saute with fresh Dill and Tomato
  • Carrot, Avocado and Cucumber salad with Mayonnaise 

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