Deepfried Jerusalem artichoke, asparagus, parmesan and truffle oil salad 

The great taste of deepfried jerusalem artichoke has been introduced:

Asparagus, tomato and parmesan is a great company for the deepfried jerusalem artichoke. The perfume of truffle oil makes this salad a gorgeous dish!


1. Peel the skin of jerusalem artichokes.  Cut the veggies into bite sized.

2. Heat up a frying pan with oil (less than 1cm depth) and deepfry veggies separately until each get nice colour.  

3. Place them over a paper towel to remove the extra oil.

4. Mix with some cherry tomatoes and top with parmesan cheese, pinches of salt and some truffle oil to serve.

Time to prepare: 20 mints
Total cost:1.4 pounds+ (60p for asparagus, 50p for jerusalem artichoke, 30p for cherry tomatoes, + vegetable oil, parmesan cheese, truffle oil) 

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