Cream Crab Croquette and Sashimi (Dinner 25 July) 

When I prepared Potato Croquette (Dinner 15 July), I left a half portion of white sauce for this recipe. 
Fry chopped onion with butter and add flour
Add milk and heat in low temperature till it gets thick

Directions of Crab Cream Croquette

1. Once the white sauce is ready, add 3 tea spoonfuls of crab meat (drain the liquid) as well as 2 table spoonfuls of sweet corn and mix all together

2. Place a cling film on a flat container and power the white sauce in flat and store it in the freezer till it gets enough hard to make the croquette shape

3. Prepare Panko (grated bread), 1 beaten egg, flour. Divide the white sauce into 6-7 portions (if the white sauce is frozen, divide it into some square portions with a knife)
4. Heat the pan filled with vegetable oil in 2 cm depth with middle heat

5.Grease hands and make round shape with the white sauce. If the white sauce is frozen, better to make it in a flat shape in order to deep-fry the portion evenly. Dust the balls with flour and dress with beaten egg and Panko. This process should be done quickly before the sauce gets warm and soft
5. Deep-fry both sides of croquette for 2-3 mins each then place them on kitchen paper
6. Serve the croquette with thin sliced cabbage or salad topped with sauce (mix HB sauce, tomato kechup and soy sauce).

Recycle leftover ingredients

Leftover Panko can be stored in the fridge.
As I repeat everywhere, juice pack is very good to dispose used oil. Make sure oil is cool when it is powered into a pack.
Leftover flour is also useful. Dust the bottom of the pan with it to absorb remained oil
 Wipe it with a paper (a sheet of news paper is good) and put the flour and the paper into the juice pack.
 Close the mouth of the juice pack and put it in a plastic bag and place it in the bottom of the bin. 
Sashimi ordered in Atariya was expensive but really enjoyable. 
Total time to prepare: 40 mins
Total cost: 29 pounds (27 pounds for Sashimi, 0.7 pounds for canned crab meat, 1.3 pounds for the rest of the veggies)

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