Olympic Bento to celebrate the opening (27 July) 

We gathered up at our Bulgarian couple's to cerebrate the opening of London Olympic. To enhance the excitement, I brought "Olympic Bento" as well as "Olympic Cake".
Deep-fried pork rolls with shiso leaf and cheese (left), Sushi balls (centre), Prawn with black-white sesame seeds
Tomatoes salad with pear, shallot and dill dressing  was wrapped in cling film to avoid leaking for the travel
Ice cream scoop creates a cute round shape of potato salad 
I made flags of Bulgaria (for my friends), Russia (for Mr. husband), Japan, the U.K. and the Olympic
Tiger prawns were seasoned with mirin and soy-sauce 
(1 teaspoon each)
Dust the prawn with corn flour, dress with beaten egg
and cover the half surface with white sesame seeds
Cover the rest of space with black sesame seeds

Deep fried pork rolls with shiso and cheese is my mom's regular bento menu
Shiso (Oba) leaves are popular Japanese summer herb
Place a shiso leaf with a thin stripe cheese on one side of a piece of thin sliced pork
Roll up each piece, dust with corn flour, dressed with beaten egg and Panko (grated bread)
Deep-fry prawns first then follow to pork pieces
 in the same oil
Sushi toppings were salmon, ikura and sea bass. Ikura was seasoned with mirin and soy sauce (1 teaspoonful each). I also made peas rice balls.
Slice the fish in 5mm thick
Mix the rice (immediately after cooked) with Sushi vinegar (sugar and cider vinegar 1 tablespoon each, a pinch of salt)  and allow it cool. Then make mouth sized rice balls
 Prepare a sheet of cling film and place the fish and rice ball on it and wrap them tightly to make a cute round shape
Coriander leaves were added to sea bass.
Make a ditch on the top of salmon balls with the edge of teaspoon for topping ikura
Total time to prepare: 3 hours
Total cost: 19.50 pounds (11.80 for fish, 5.01 for sliced polk, 1.08 for Shiso leaves, 1.20 for mini-tomatoes, 0.5 for other veggies)

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