Weekly Food shopping, restaurants, etc.

The photo shows a rough idea of food stuffs that Mr. Husband and I consume at home in a week. I bought them in Waitrose and a Japanese food shop, Natural Natural. Salmon fillet and salmon jaw (two pieces each), a piece of plaice, and some veggies. In total, it costed 30.44 (Waitrose) and 4.50 (Natural Natural).
I also bought a buch of artichoke, basil, tomato, and green beans at Pomona, an organic food shop near out place. It was 8.20. 
I will buy some meat at Japan centre. 
In total, roughly 50 pounds I spend for one week of home cooking.
Plus, 20-35 pounds will be spent either for sushi/sashimi take away from Atariya, or slices of steak from a cool butcher, Ginger Pig. They are the essential diet for us. 

Still they seem very economical and surely healthy (and tasty) compare to ready-made meal, I believe. Could we reduce the amount of wine and beer consumed everyday, it would be perfect. However, being perfectly economical is not my goal. 

Nice food and wine maintains our life (or marriage-life), health and happiness, I believe.

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