Lego Cake (19 July)

Making Lego cake is one of my crazy ideas to realise. Given the opportunity of Mr. Husband's 34th birthday (also the fact that he is called "Lego-man" at his office), I did it!!

The base cake of this Lego Cake is Coffee Sponge Cake.
I sliced the sponge into half and sanded with coffee syrup made of rum, coffee and sugar.
For the Lego decoration, I used icing sugar.
The entire process of this crazy cake is the following.

Three copies of Lego-logo. 
The background of each layer was cut out
It's "Lego-logo"!! Exciting!! 
I created a "Lego-Ruler"
"Lego-Ruler" is very handy to scale
Straws were stolen from McDonald's.
Handy to make the number figure structure in light weight
Straws also can mass-produce Lego-dots 
Lego dot's are attached!!
I'm already 200% content!!
Attach legos on the sides
Add the background

Lt's make Mr. Husband in Lego
Among some candidates, Mr. Husband (left) got a life in Lego figure.

Total cost: 9 pounds (6 pounds for Dr. Oetker's Regal-icing, 3 pounds for base cake ingredients)
Total time to prepare: 12 hours

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