Potato Croquette (Dinner 15 July) 

Croquette is a french dish. Make ball shape with mash potato and cast with flower and coat with beaten egg and covered with grated bread. Then make them deep-fried. It was introduced to Japan in Meiji Era (1868-1912) and became very popular menu. 

I usually add white sauce (sauce b├ęchamel) into the mash potato. It create creamy, rich croquette!! I make extra large potion of white sauce to make another kind of croquette, creamy croquette will be introduced later.


1 large baking potato
1/2 middle size onion
25g butter (unsalted)
1 cup (125cc) milk
1 egg (beaten in a small ball)
4 tablespoons plain flour
30g Panko (bread crumbs, can get at oriental shops)
salt and pepper


  1. Boil or microwave the potato till it gets tender (I usually make a bit hard to enjoy two kinds of texture  of potato smooth and rough) and mash it in a bowl
  2. (Making white sauce) Chop the onion into pieces, fry with butter in a frying pan till it gets translucent, and add a tablespoonful plain flower and keep frying together in a small temperature for 1 mins
  3. Allow the pan slightly cool down then add the milk. Then keep stirring till the sauce thick. 
  4. Add half potion of white sauce into the mash potato. (I stored the half of white sauce in the freezer)
  5. Mix the potato and white sauce, separate the dough into 6 potions and make them balls by a hand. If you grease your hand with vegetable oil, the dough won't be stick to your hand
  6. Cast potato balls with flower, put into the beaten egg and then dress them with panko
  7. Deep-fry the potato balls.  

White sauce
Potato balls
Panko (left), beaten egg, flour (right)
Potato balls dressed with panko
If you make too many potato balls, you can store by freezing them before deep-frying
Serve the croquette with thin sliced cabbage with sauce (mix 1 teaspoonful soy sauce and ketchup with 3 table spoonfuls HB sauce)

Total time for preparation: 40 mins
Total cost: 1.20 pounds

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