Dinner by Heston Blumenthal (Lunch 1 July) and a rock concert

To celebrate my friend's birthday, we dined at the Dinner by Heston Blumenthal at Mandarin Oriental in Hyde Park
Cited from Katei Gaho May 2012

Starting from a oyster-chicken, I had pigeon for the main and the quaky pudding with pear. Everything was so delicious!! Meat Fruit (the orange look-like dish in the photo) was great! It was ordered by my friend and I stole some from her dish. Yummy...
Finished with the ice cream workshop by mixing ingredients and nitrogen at out table. It was such the Hestoney presentation.
Mr. Husband and I visited the Fat Duck in 2008. I still remember every dish they served including the sea food brought with an i-pod hidden in a sea shell to listen the sound of tides and sea gulls.

It is almost impossible to get a table in the Fat Duck. Compare to that, the Dinner seems possible to book, a month in advance (though it was by the effort of my cool friend)... It is worth while trying the revival of mediaval cuisines in modern atmosphere!!

We occasionally go to nice restaurants . 
I always tell Mr. Husband that visiting top tables is the education and the best cookery schoolAt the top restaurants, I always learn many things such as new recipes, presentation, and importantly the sense of the tasty-ness

I want to shout at all married men that visiting restaurants is an essential investment for the quality of home cooking!! (as well as for maintaining a marriage life.)

After the perfect lunch, Mr. Husband brought me to a rock concert of the Garbage in Brixton. A nice shift of mood. They got a big hit in 90s. Therefore more than half of the fans (including Mr. Husband) were around 30s-40s. Still they are great!! 

Such a nice weekend. Thank you for my friends and Mr. Husband!

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