Balsamic pork salad (Sunday brunch 17 June)


1.    Cut veggies for salad and put them into a salad bowl
2.    Cut the frozen pork belly into 4-5cm length and season them with S&P
3.    Heat the pan and cook the pork in 2 mints then add a table spoonful balsamic vinegar
4.     Add the pork into 1. then mix well (can add cider vinegar or lemon juice)
In order to reduce the amount of oil in the meal, I did not add olive oil to the salad salad, as the fat from the pork belly was sufficient and full of flavor.

Mr. Husband just said “Oishii (delicious in Japanese)” and emptied all the dishes.
Total time was 30 mins and cost was roughly 3.40 for two people: 1.50 for two croissants, 50p for two kiwis, 80p for pork (1/3 of 2.57), 60p for frozen garden peas (1.31 for 500g)

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