Salmon, Aubergine, mushroom (Dinner 18 June)
Salmon teriyaki, deep-fried and seasoned aubergine, vinegared mushroom salad, rice and miso-soup

I got two big pieces of salmon. and decided to use just one, cutting it into two portions. I love aubergine in all its forms, but especially deep-fried, and so I also created a side-dish of aubergine tempura.

Tempura might be first thought of as a Japanese deep-fried dish and deep-fried aubergine is one of the popular menus during summer and autumn in Japan. 

Deep fried and Japanese seasoned aubergine

  1. 1.   Cut aubergine into  halves and make lines over the skin by using the edge of blade
  2. 2.   Cut aubergine into 1.5cm width x half length, soak in cold water to remove the tannin
  3. 3.   Heat a large frying pan and fill vegetable oil in 1.5cm depth
  4. 4.   If you put a wooden stick and if small bubbles come out from the bottom quickly, it is the ‘ready’ sign for frying
  5. 5.   Add a small  portion of pieces of aubergine. If you add too much to the oil, it lowers the oil temperature and the aubergine won’t come out crispy. Please leave some space between each piece.
  6. 6.   When they get slightly brown, take them off from the oil and load them into the tray with paper-towel.
  7. 7.   (Seasoning) Put ½ cup of Japanese soup stock, ½  tablespoonful sugar, 1 tablespoonful soy-sauce, ½ tablespoonful mirin, a pinch of salt and crashed chili, boil it and load pieces of aubergine in it and leave it for 20 mins with middle heat. Add grated ginger in the end. You can serve in hot or cold. 

  8. If you prefer something Chinese style, you can add a teaspoonful oyster sauce and same amount of sesame oil to the above ingredients.
  9. Also, I often put pieces of deep-fried aubergine into salad. It makes a green leafy salad rich and unique.  

Salad with vinegared mushroom (Enoki&Shimeji Mushrooms, garlic, onion, Leaves, mini tomatos, cider vinegar, S&P, mustard)
1.   Remove the bottom of Eonoki and Shimeji mushrooms and cut Enoki mushrooms into half length
2.   Fry 1. With a half cube of garlic with olive oil till they get gold then add S&P, cider vinegar and mustard
3.   Slice ¼ onion and grab them in water to remove the sharpness and drain them with net, and wipe with paper towel
4.   Add salad leaves, onion, mushrooms and tomato

Teriyaki salmon (fresh salmon, soy-sauce, mirin, ginger)
1.   While making aubergine and salad, heat the oven into 200c
2.   Put two table-spoonfuls of soya sauce and mirin into a heat-resistant container then heat it up for 1mins in microwave to condense. Let the sauce cool down, add some grated ginger and then put sliced salmon to soak for 10-20 mints.
3.   Place a grease-proof paper over an oven tray and add the salmon steaksand cook them for 4 mins. Don’t throw away the sauce left in the container.
4.   When the salmon steaks are half-way open the tray then pour the rest of sauce over them. Keep heating for another 2mins then turn off the heat, and leave it for 2 mins without opening the lid.

The mushroom salad was extremely popular by Mr. Husband.

Total time was 50 mints and cost was 5.70: salmon 3.19 (one piece cut into two), aubergine 1, Enoki 50p (1/4 of 1.99), Shimeji 50p (1/4 of 1.99).

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