Spicy tofu stir-fry with Korean-miso 

(Dinner on 19th June)

 Deep fried tofu stir fry, Sashimi, Miso soup with winter cabbage and rice

I had an active day around Mayfair area. Attended a ballet class at Dance Works, had a nice coffee with my friend in a cute caffe Taylor St Baristas in Brook Mews, then did shoes hunting in Fenwick. I got a bit tired and decided to have sashimi for the main for today's dinner. I usually get fresh sashimi in Atariya. There are some branches of Atariya including the one near Bond Street Station. We can dine there as well as get some take aways of sashimi or sushi. After Atariya, as usual, I dropped to Waitrose in John Lewis to top up more food stuffs. Mayfair area is quite convenient for food shopping.

Sashimi is a quite mild dish. To satisfy a male stomach (of Mr. Husband), I needed to add a slightly strong flavoured dish. Stir-fry with korean miso (you can get it any oriental food shops) was the solution.

Spicy deep fried tofu stir fry with Korean-miso  (1/3 paprika, 1 Spring Onion, 1/2 Deep fried tofu, sliced pork, ginger and garlic, starch flower, soy sauce, mirin and Korean miso)

  1.  Slice veggies thin, chop pork 1cmx5cm and cut tofu in the same length of other staffs
  2. Put pork into a bowl and add soya sauce and mirin (1 tablespoonful each), then grate half cube of garlic and same amount of ginger and mix well
  3. Prepare Korean miso (the red box in the photo) by putting into a small container and add 2 tablespoonful hot water and dissolve it
  4. Take the pork out from the bowl and place it on the paper towel, then power a tablespoonful starch flower (keep the seasoning)
  5. Heat a large frying pan with high temperature and put all the ingredient. Keep mixing until the pork is done (roughly for 4 mints)
  6. Add the pork seasoning and Korean miso water and allow the ingredient to boil for 1 mint till the sauce gets gooey
  7. Serve them with some coriander (if you have) on the top

I usually prepare other dish (rice and miso-soup) first and start to cook stir fry dish in the very end to serve it in hot.

Total time for cooking: 20 mints
Total cost: 2.2 pounds 
1.4 pounds for Tofu (1/2 of 2.80), 30p for pork (1/6 of 1.80), 60p for spring onion, 10p for paprika and other (excluding 21 pounds of sashimi).


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