Pea pottage soup (Sunday brunch 17 June)

Pea pottage soup, balsamic pork salad, croissant, kiwi, coffee

We woke up late and given that it was one of those hot summer days, we wanted something light. Mr. Husband requested pea soup and croissants. I had made omelets the day before and so didn’t want to make another egg dish. Instead, I created a tiny pork salad that added a wonderful rich and subtle flavor to our vegetable dishes. I then added some sliced kiwi as a refreshing dessert. 

Pea Pottage soup   
  1.  Put frozen garden pea (200g), 1 cup of water, 20g butter and 1 tea spoonful salt into a pan and cook them until peas get tender (about for 5 mins)
  2.  Blend 1. with a handy blender or a mixer for 3 mins
  3. Drain the pottage into the pan with a net to make the texture smoother (I use a rubber spatula to help draining)
  4.  Add some milk or soymilk if it is too thick. You can either serve in hot or cold
  5. Wash the jar/blender immediately after the use. I usually add some water into the jar of the mixer and run it for 10 seconds and drain the water then place it into the dishwasher. This process helps the mixer stay clean.

While boiling peas, prepare salad.

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