Cabbage salad, chicken and cashew nuts with oyster sauce, miso-cod (Dinner 22 June)

Cabbage salad, chicken and cashew nuts with oyster sauce, miso-cod, rice and miso-soup (deep fried tofu and Shineji mushroom)

I got a big pointed cabbage two weeks ago and still large portion was left. It needed to be consumed urgently. The best way to eat cabbage a lot at once is to boil or to pickle. This time, I chose the latter.

Cabbage salad ingredients: 

Cabbage, shallot, dill, paprika (instead, I love to use carrot), (if you have, fennel), olive oil, cider (or white wine) vinegar, salt and pepper

Cabbage salad

  1. Slice cabbage, shallot, paprika as thin as possible. Using a slicer is helpful. Chop dill into pieces. 
  2. Put all veggies into a large bowl. Season them with vinegar (1.5 tablespoon) and olive oil (one tablespoon) as well as salt (1/2 teaspoon) and black pepper.
  3. Mix well and leve it for 10 mints before serving.

Miso seasoned black cod from Japan Centre is very convenient and tasty. This is one of Mr. Husband's favourite Japanese dishes. I always got two or three packs of this for "backup dish". Just heat up the oven into 250, place the cod in a try with baking sheet, put into the oven for 4 mins and turn the heat off. Leave it for another 3 mins.

Chicken with cashew nuts is usually a main. But not today. I wanted to use this one piece of chicken thigh left in the freezer. Cashew nuts were storen from Mr. Husband's beer snack.

chicken and cashew nuts with oyster sauce

  1. Cut chicken thigh and spring onion into 1cmx1cm cube.
  2. Put chicken, chopped garlic, grated ginger, oyster sauce and soy-sauce (1 teaspoonful each), mirin (1 teaspoonful each). 
  3. Take pieces of chicken out from the sauce and place them into the paper towel and power starch flour (1 tablespoon ful).
  4. Heat a frying pan in high temperature, and add chicken and spring onion. Cook it for 4 minutes till they are done then add the sauce left int the bowl and two tablespoonful hot water. Allow all the ingredient simmer till they get gooey. 
  5. Serve it with some green (some coriander, lettuce or  thinly sliced cucmber)

Total time for cooking: 30 mnts
Total cost 10.35 pounds: 7.15 pounds for miso-cod, 1.20 pounds for chicken thigh, 2 pound for the rest of ingredients.

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