Sushi Date (Dinner 29 June)

As following Mr. Husband's strong request, we had sushi from ATARI-YA, a Japanese food and fish store. I was so hungry so I ordered some sushi of O-toro (fatty tuna belly), Botan-ebi (Jumbo fish shrimp), Sea bass, Negi-toro roll (minced fatty tuna with spring onion) and salmon.  Recently we ordered only sashimi so I forgot the extra weight of rice balls in sushi.

I usually feel a bit guilty when I order take-away meals since I feel lazy for not cooking. So I usually make some sides such as miso-soup and salad. This time, I ordered too much sushi while I prepared too many other things (miso-soup, Mabo-tofu, salad). 
Total cost: 46 pounds (44 pounds for sushi, 2 pounds for other veggies)

I think it is one of the important housewife skills to bridge between the homemade meal and the takeaway meal  especially concerning the balance between: the quantity and quality, and the time and the cost.  Today's meal featured both outsourcing and the homemade cuisine fully while sacrificing time, price and perhaps health (since we ate too much). 

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