How to dispose used oil?

When you see any deep-fry recipes, a question might arise  “so, what to do with the oil left in the pan after cooking??”  
Environment Agency offeres some nice tips. 

I usually store these paper containers of juice or milk that got a layer of aluminium inside. This kind of juice packs cannot be taken for paper recycling. They are very strong and very good for disposing used oil.

Disposing used oil

1.   Cut and open the top of the container and let it stand on the sink
2.   Power the oil (cold) into the container
3.   Wipe the pan with a paper towel (instead, I often make pieces of cloth for wiping with my husband’s old, worn out office shirts or t-shits. After washing them with a tiny drop of breach, cut into pieces) and throw into the container
4.   Close the mouth of it and bind it with a rubber band
5.   Put into a plastic bag and place it in the bottom of the bin bag

*Please power the oil when it gets cool down. Don't do this straight after the cooking!!  

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