Mr. Husban's Bento_28 June

Carrot-beef roll, omelet with halloumi cheese and dill, salad, apple, rice with dried shiso leaves

Carrot was rolled up with shiso leaves and sliced beef.
Dusted with flower and fried.
Finally seasoned with Soy-sauce&HB sauce, sugar

Salad was wrapped with cling film for the safety

Bento is ready to go!
Bento is very nice. I can create a cosmology in such a small square space. 
We'll dine out tonight. With bento, Mr. Husband (who concern his weight gain recently) can avoid to eat outside all day. I'm not sure this bento can contribute his weight loss but certainly it got less amount of oil, sugar, salt than that of office lunch. So I should make it more often... however honestly,
I can enjoy making bento because I don't do it every day!!

Total time for preparation: 25 mins
Total cost: 2 pounds (mostly for beef)

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