Collagen charge and Kyoto-Summer-Tomatoes (Dinner 5 August)

As I introduced in "Collagen Supper (Dinner 24 June)", having chicken wings is a collagen charge. In addition, got a nice bunches of seasonal tomatoes. 
Interestingly in Kyoto, they serve chilled tomatoes topped with sugar. As I am from Tokyo, this idea seemed strange. However, once I tried, I understood the power of sugar: it enhances the sourness and bitterness. Also, by chilling the tomatoes, the sweetness of sugar itself is hidden. 
Simple and tasty summer dish!!
Total time to prepare: 50 mins (20 mins to boil chicken wings, 15 mins to cool down them and 10 mins to cook them while slicing tomatoes and spread sugar over and keep them in the fridge)
Total cost: 4.70 pounds (3.70 for chicken wings, 1 pound for tomatoes)

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