Damien Hirst@Tate Modern, After museum dinner

Mr. Husband took me to the exhibition of Damien Hirst in Tate ModernI immensely enjoyed it! The death was represented by the sliced cows, a huge ashtray with cigarettes and boxes. The life was by flies alighted upon a dead head of a cow, a warm room of living butterflies, showcases of medicines, and surgery utensils (as I interpreted)....
Thanks to the night museum.  It was really a nice friday night out. 

 We went back to home straight after the exhibition. It was a nice, hot summer evening and a spicy food, Chicken Curry left in the freezer completed our day.

I found an interesting bread in Waitrose. It looks like Indian bread, Naan. It is Manoucher Bread from Canada.
 Heated the bread in the oven. Chilled pineapple was also nice combination with curry.
Curry is nice both in summer and winter. 
I can make a lot at one time and store in freezer.  
Then next time, we can have a great meal without much effort. 
Especially when I returned home late with empty stomach, curry in freezer is reliably tasty and quick to prepare.
I appreciate Indian people. 
It is a great invention!!

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