Japanese fish stock, Dashi

Japanese fish stock is called "dashi" involving thinly curved dried bonito called katsuo-bushi, konbu-seaweed, and sometimes dried small fish. 

Dashi (700ml-1L)

Put 7cmx7cm konbu-seaweed in a deep pan, add 3 cups of cold water, allow it to rest for 30 mints. Then heat up gently. Take the konbu out just before it gets boiled. Add a handful of katsuobushi (7-9g) and allow it gently boiled for 1 min then turn the heat off. Leave it for 4-5 mins and strain the bonito through the net.  

Left: Katsuo-bushi (thinly curved dried bonito) and Right: Konbu-seaweed

Take the konbu out before boiling

 Dashi can be stored in the fridge and will last for 3-4 days. 

Alternatively, we can get a powdered Japanese soup stock. 
However, as the traditional methodology creates the delicate and subtle flavour of dashi, I usually do not use these ready made powdered products. 

All the ingredients can be found in Japanese food shop. 
In london, Japan Centre.

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