Le Petit Nicola in Hampstead, omelette, chinese leaf milk soup (Sunday brunch)

Halloumi-coriander omelette, Chinese leaf milk soup, croissant

Chinese leaf milk soup

This is a nice way to consume leftover chinese leaf.
Chinese leaf (winter cabbage), 1/2 cube of chicken stock, sausage, 200cc milk
1. Heat a deep pan and fry sausage with 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil for 2-3 mins
2. Add chinese leaf cut into large bite sized, 300cc water and chicken stock cube then cover the pan with a lid. Keep heating in medium temperature for 6-7 mins till the leaf gets soft and translucent
3. Once the leaf gets soft, add milk and heat in small temperature for 2 mins. Serve the soup with black pepper and salt if necessary. 

I would like to introduce a tiny boulangerie in Hampstead, 

Le Petit Nicola  

Croissants, breads, cakes, everything is very delicate, sophisticated and really tasty. All are carefully made by the p√Ętissier, Darriel

For controlling calorie, all pieces are cut into three portions to serve.
 For me and my husband, and for the next day.

Another place to be mentioned is H.R. Higgins, an old coffee and tea shop in Mayfair. We've been enjoying "Blue Lady" from this shop for six years. Occasionally I blend it with their Assam to make stronger. 

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