Grilled rice ball "Yaki-Onigiri" 

(Saturday brunch, 11 August)
Rice ball is called "Onigiri" and a typical Japanese dish for lunch box. Put handful portion of cooked rice over damped palms or a cling film and then shape it with both hands. The shape is different to family to family but the most typical one is triangle. 

Grilling onigiri is the way to enjoy leftover rice. Crispy surface with slightly burnt soy-sauce flavour is very enjoyable.


1. Heat up the oven in 250c.
2. Place onigiri on the grill net (not tray) and grill it for 5 mins
3. Put soy-sauce and mirin, 1 tablespoon each in a flat, small plate
4. Take onigiri out from the oven and damp the both triangle surfaces with soysauce with mirin
5. Place onigiri back to the oven and grill it further for 3 mins.

This is a great snack!!

Time for preparation: 10 mins
Total cost: ?? too cheap to calculate 

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