J Sheekey Oyster Bar @ Covent Garden

I believe J Sheekey is one of the best and oldest seafood restaurants in the UK. In 2008, they opened J Sheekey Oyster Bar right next to the restaurant. The deco and atmosphere of the Oyster Bar is casual yet settled and all dish is served in small portions as a la carte. Selections of oysters are always promising. To follow with oysters to start, I always order crab bisque. They serve a quite large portion so usually I ask the waiter to serve it in two separate bowls to share with my friend. Grilled scallops served in shells, shrimp burger and tomato salad with shallot are my regular order.

Their selection of champagne or sparkling wine is not fully satisfactory.... however waiters always nicely provide me tasting glasses for wines.

 Most seats are on the counter-table. This is a place to go with one close friend or the partner or husband to seat next each other, talking, eating and observing the kitchen in front. 
My sweet friend will leave London soon...
I wish Mr. Husband start to learn the taste of oysters.

This is a scene from Tampopo

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