Drakes Restaurant in Woking

As Mr. Husband became a member of City Car, we need places to explore.

Drakes Restaurant locates in a small town, Ripley in Woking. This was our first target of outside London of Michelin star rated restaurants. It was two hours drive from central London including getting lost in Hammersmith.

The atmoshere is very cozy, simple and relaxed. 
We had "6 courses surprising menu". All dishes were good. The main was pork neck. I was mostly impressed with the portion of each dish. As each was small and well presented, never get tired to wait the next to come.

As we took the final slot in lunch time,
most of guests have gone when I took this photo.
The restaurant was packed when we arrived

The weather was very nice and the restaurant offered all the guest to have tea and tea-sweet at their garden after the course.

Me, Mr Husband and the bill

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