Visiting Scotland-1

We departed from London Kings Cross station to Edinburgh. We enjoyed 5 hours train travel with Bento made of previous day's Nikujaga (meaty potato) and Onigiri (rice balls) as well as some readings.

Onigiri with Umeboshi (sour plum),
a very traditional Japanese lunch box 
Just 30 mins walk from the city centre, we got to a cute hotel, Prestonfield House Edinburgh.

We stayed in a room called Benjamin Franklin. Although the deco of the hotel was all too much (as usual for "boutique hotel"), entire atmosphere was very cozy. 
Mr. Husband said "I was treated as a guest but not a customer". It was true. 
Whenever we ordered something or dined, they never asked our room number.
Our living room got a golden curtain wall paper 
Our golden bed with a golden bed cover
In the evening, we dined at the hotel restaurant, Rhubarb
My starter, rabbit with foie gras wasn't so good. However, Mr husbands' soup pistou was very good. I stole most of his portion. Then our tummy was totally content with Chateaubriand. 
The flavour of scottish meat and the perfectly made seasonal veggies were truly wonderful!!

Outside of the hotel, the city Edinburgh was full with nature
and with culture as well.
It was on the last day of Fringe. 
We sniffed around and eventually encountered a cool band

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