Vietnamese Cafe, Cay Tre Soho

This is one of my favuorite cantine in London. There is a large Vietnamese restaurant district in Shoreditch (East London near Liverpool Street Station) and Cay Tre/Viet Grill is one of the most popular vietnamese restaurants there. Eventually in this spring, they open the one Cay Tre Soho!!

The classic menus such as Pho and Spring Rolles are  promising. Other small platers such as Grilled Calamari with Okura, Grilled Aubergines, Chinese Mustard Greens are also highly recommended!!

The vietnamese coffe dripped in the authentic way over the sweet condensed milk completes the fantastic dinning. 

I sometimes go by myself for lunch to get a bowl of Pho and coffee. The moden deco, clean and cheerful atmosphere is also secure the visit. 
Beef Pho that I love. Cited from Timeout.

Im my opinion, dishes served at popular Thai restaurants in London became very salty as they became popular these years. They use too much fish sauce and oil. To mask the heavy oil and salt, they add a lot of lemon glass and crushed peanuts. So the dish smells very tempting when it is served. 
However, straight after the dinning, I always get very thirsty as well as feel heavy in my stomach. 

In comparison, I can taste the flavour of beef soup stok from their Pho dishes in Cay Tre. 
I can tell that they don't add anything to disguise. 

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