Profit and Loss Cake: Celebrating Mr. Husband's 11 years of office service

W: weight
H: hair

A college scarf was added to make him a fresh and young employee (left)
A bicycle helmet was put (centre right) since he became to concern his weight and started to commute by bicycle

This time I made an "Assam Tea Cake". Grind three tablespoons of Assam tea leaves and add into the cake dough. 1/2 teaspoon portion was also added into the whipped cream for decoration.

Apricot jam was spread over the top surface. It became bumpy when the icing was layered...
I'll add a marzipan before the icing next time.
Made standing pins on the cake tray. 
Easy to deliver the decorated cake

Total time to prepare: 8 hours
Total Cost: 6.7 Pounds (1.90 rolled white icing, 1.5 for the rest of icing, 2.40 for eggs, 0.9 for whipping cream)

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